Stop Being a Slave to Your Practice: The Law Firm Owner’s Path to a Freedom-Forward Lifestyle

If you’re reading this, you are either a lawyer getting ready to start your own law firm or you’re already a law firm owner looking for ways to grow and scale – fast.

The appeal to being an entrepreneur has a lot to do with ownership, independence, and freedom: of not having to answer to a boss or to have your schedule dictated to you, with little flexibility and about as much pressure as owning your own firm would probably have.

The Struggle of Endless Chaos

If you are just getting started, you’ll learn quickly the complexities of running your own business. If you are already in the driver’s seat, you, well, already know.

Looking around, if all of these lawyers and law firm owners figured it out, why can’t you?

And this is where the dream of what you could accomplish began. You wouldn’t try to start your own law firm if you didn’t believe in your ability to figure it out…

Because when you recall the euphoria of graduating law school and passing the BAR, you were bright-eyed, hopeful, and optimistic, with a fire that burned in your belly. 

Nothing could stop you!

Fast-forward to now… 

Chances are: it’s pure chaos from the moment you open your eyes in the morning to the moment you close them each night.

At the start of your day, you try to get organized and set up for success, but the influx of non-stop calls, questions, and fires means by the end of the day, your list of high-ROI activities is still as blank as it was when you started. You’re basically a professional firefighter. 

When you try to nurture your relationships, you’re constantly having to excuse yourself to answer phone calls and emails, never fully present with the people who matter most. You know what’s happening isn’t good, but you don’t know how to stop.

And finally, you are so swamped simply trying to be a good lawyer that excelling at being a law firm owner always comes last. You’re continuously treading water: exhausted, burnt out, and ready to throw in the towel. 

But don’t give up yet! 

You’re drowning because law school didn’t prepare you for law firm ownership. Law school trained you to be a lawyer… To work in someone else’s firm, not to start or grow your own. 

The state of things seems so unmanageable right now, but that’s only because you don’t know what you don’t know.

3 Things You Need to Succeed

Surely you’ve heard, “Knowledge is power.” But what’s even more powerful is the application of knowledge. That is true power.

And, ultimately, that’s what you want: the independence and confidence that successfully applied knowledge can offer you to be CEO of your law firm, without having to sacrifice the things that make life worth living: family, friends, travel, and your other interests.

You are so much more than just a lawyer or an employee of your own law firm… It’s time to start acting like it! 

To get out of the endless cycle of stress, burnout, and missing precious moments that make life worth living, you need 2 things:

  1. A clear roadmap containing a sequential layout of information, strategies, and systems designed to facilitate ongoing, predictable success.
  2. The guidance of someone who’s already done what you’re trying to do, with a team of knowledgeable, reliable, tech-driven law firm growth implementors who have helped hundreds of lawyers like you achieve a lifestyle of unprecedented professional success and personal freedom.

From Traditional to Futuristic: There’s a Better Way

Let’s face it: the traditional law firm path is DEAD.

The burden of skyrocketing overhead costs is substantial: rent for a brick-and-mortar location, electric and internet bills, office supplies and furniture, payroll for stateside employees…

It’s enough to make your head spin! All of these costs upfront, and none have helped you reach your law firm goals… Only put you deeper in the hole. 

There’s a better way! A way the innovative and forward-thinking lawyers and law firm owners of today are embracing – the automated way.

The technology of today allows you 2 essential things you need for an almost fully automated, hands-off law firm:

  1. The implementation of cutting-edge, digital automation tools.
  2. A trusted and affordable remote team of Virtual Assistants who effectively manage day-to-day operations.

With automation, you can store, track, and nurture your leads, remove yourself from the intake, documentation, and legal research process, and create SOPs once, to hire and train your staff, now and moving forward.

Freedom is Not as Far Away as You Think

Imagine being able to take 2 weeks off to go on a trip to Italy with your family, to fully unplug, without worrying about your law firm’s operations, and still seeing cash flowing in while you’re away. 

That is true freedom. True independence. Next level entrepreneurship.

What’s crazy is… The balance, freedom, and fulfillment you seek isn’t nearly as far away as you think! In fact, it’s possible within the next 3-12 months

And while a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle is the end goal, envision feeling fully in control, capable, and confident in your ability to steer your law firm through any sea, no matter how choppy.

Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey; even lonelier at the top. 

Contemplate the value of being connected to a community of other forward-thinking lawyers on the same path as you, whom you can lean on when the going gets tough… 

With the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and wins in real-time or simply make a few connections to support you in your journey.

Owning a law firm is not a static endeavor. 

If you can cross the threshold of mastering the most basic fundamentals of success, you are already beating 95% of lawyers and law firm owners who decided the comfort of the predictable outweighed the perceived fear of the unknown.

The Final Thing You Need to Succeed: A Qualified Law Firm Growth Partner

We know the pain and sacrifice you’ve had to endure to get where you are (after all, My Legal Academy was founded and is led by a lawyer). And we know you want more: more success, more fulfillment, and more balance.

Years before My Legal Academy (initially, Legal Funnel) was born, Sam Mollaei, Esq., the founder, was burning midnight oil for a law firm. He wished for more for himself. 

He learned how to overcome the burden of handling repetitive work by applying automated workflows; he effectively deployed cost-effective VAs to take care of routine tasks; and through trial and error, he unlocked the secret every law firm owner desires…

Predictable and consistent lead flow.

He went on to found and run seven successful law firms, earning awards and recognition for growing thriving multimillion-dollar businesses.

He then turned to sharing this knowledge, helping over 800 independent law firm owners achieve results they always hoped for but didn’t believe were possible.

Today, the culmination of his vision, expertise and implementation framework is the foundation of My Legal Academy’s Grow Track.

The Grow Track program-a 12-month comprehensive  done-with-you implementation value-partner engagement – is based on a winning formula of 3 aspects of business:

  • Operational Pipeline Efficiency: Implementation-centric approach to systems design, leading to optimized, predictable workflows.
  • Self-Managing Team: Technical-skill-focused and cost-effective remote Virtual Assistant team development designed to delegate tasks and manage routine work.
  • Accelerated Growth Implementation: Process of creating effective, high-ROI lead-generation content marketing systems installed to drive impactful, targeted marketing strategies.

Everyone says they want more clients and more time to live life, but few realize an influx of clients without the capacity or systems in place to deliver exceptional results is just as bad of a problem to have as no clients at all. 

At My Legal Academy, we start with laying the foundation for success with automated systems, a remote team to relieve lawyers of non-lawyer, administrative duties and, finally, a lead-generation system designed specifically for lawyers.

We walk this journey alongside law firm owners for one full year helping them implement but, more importantly, experience the results. 

The best part is when success happens well before the year is up, when the arduous 60-hour work-weeks lighten to 20, 10 and even 5.

This shortened runway to freedom happens more often than you’d guess.

In fact, Demarcus Ward, Personal Injury Attorney of Ward & White out of Dallas, TX, followed our playbook to a T and has seen a 700% ROI in his first 5 months since joining Grow Track…. 

The best part?

He’s already projecting a 1,000% ROI by the end of this quarter, getting to reclaim precious moments with his son, be present with his daughter, and go to distraction-free lunches with his mom. 

Demarcus, a self-described “very methodical, by-the-book kind of person” hoped for this level of freedom and success in a shortened time frame, but didn’t expect it.

When you join Grow Track and follow our playbook to a T like Demarcus did, these results are possible for you, too!

So, thank you for booking a call with an Advisor on our team because we are personally invested in your journey to achieving a profitable, hands-off law firm…

Because there really is enough room for us to all claim our own versions of success, and we have the proven formula to get you there in 365 days or less.

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