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AUGMENT WITH AI. Need help understanding how and where to use AI in your law firm? This article breaks down the 7 areas ChatGPT could radically transform your practice for the better balanced by 7 challenges to keep in mind. All in all, it’s still better to implement AI wherever possible in your firm, contending with challenges as they arise, than to abstain completely. 

BOOST YOUR EQ. As a legal professional, you work with people. Human beings are social animals, so all of your relationships will benefit from you having a good handle on EQ (Emotional Intelligence). Whether it’s being able to read other people’s feelings more accurately, controlling your own emotions, or tuning into body language, EQ comes down to proficiency in 2 areas: empathy and self-awareness. If you don’t have good EQ, you could be off-loading your anxiety and frustration onto your employees, which isn’t productive for fostering relationships or growing your law firm. Click here for a 2-minute exercise you can use to develop better EQ


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Apple lovers rejoice!

The latest updates delivered at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2024 are in and excited you should be… 

In this week’s episode releasing Friday, July 12th, Sam and Neil discuss:

🦾 Apple Intelligence

🦾 Apple <> ChatGPT integration

🦾 Apple’s AI Writing Tools

🦾 Genmoji

And so much more!

Click here on Friday to listen, available everywhere you get your podcasts. 

If you’re more of a reader than a listener, don’t forget to check out where you can access the resources and tools discussed in each episode!


Should you stop using Google to search the internet?

ChatGPT and Sam Mollaei think so… 


Both ChatGPT and Google are designed to interpret and answer your questions but how they accomplish this is what sets them apart.

Google works by searching your query across billions of web pages, presenting you relevant web pages that might have the answer you’re looking for, and thereby tasking you with the step of having to look for the answer. ChatGPT searches its database of synthesized information to present a dialogue-based direct answer contrary to what Google is capable of providing. 

Therefore, ChatGPT is poised to be a more effective and efficient tool than Google for your most pressing internet questions.

Check out this video for more reasons why Sam uses ChatGPT as his primary source engine over Google.


Your days of scouring the internet to find Al Tools to use in your law firm are over. 
*MLA's comprehensive catalog of Al Tools for Lawyers enters the chat*


  • Skribe – Analyze testimony at 10X speed for 50% cheaper.
  • Eve – 10X your firm’s efficiency at every stage of your case.
  • EsquireTek Reduce hundreds of hours of the


The digital age is upon us in more ways than one… 

Aside from implementing digital automation tools to streamline your law firm and your life, it would be worthwhile to consider diversifying your wealth streams with Bitcoin.

Touted as the real estate investing opportunity equivalent for the current generation, investing in Bitcoin has many advantages.

It is the most…

  • Secure
  • Decentralized
  • Anonymous

… Digital currency currently available.

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