QUEUED UP. Master the art of strategic hiring, delegation,  and cultivating accountability within your team culture this Thursday 5/16 and Friday 5/17 @ 1pm ET in our 2-part workshop series, “Build Your Dream Team Bootcamp!” We hear time and time again from our Grow Track members that our hiring and training systems for virtual staff have been revolutionary for both their firms and their personal lives. Don’t miss this opportunity to absorb the experience and guidance of our hosts for free! Click here to register.

OMNIPOTENT AI? This week, Open AI released a new and improved version of ChatGPT. Meet ChatGPT-4o (That’s an “O” not a “0,” which stands for omni as in all or universal), which is supposed to be much faster with enhanced capabilities across text, vision, and audio, to include a voice assistant feature. The release comes ahead of today’s Google I/O developer conference where AI is expected to be the talk of the town.

AI HYDRA. Sidestep financial loss and liability resulting from the pitfalls of AI (i.e. copyright infringement, “hallucinations,” privacy violations, and bias) with a robust lawyers professional liability policy, which can protect balance sheets against catastrophic losses, include risk management verification, independent underwriter review of AI usage, and more. To avoid being behind the 8-ball, be proactive and read up on insurance policies which address the risks you’re most likely to encounter.

SUCCESS STORY. Last week, we sat down with Demarcus Ward, personal injury attorney and Grow Track member who officially began the program in January of this year. Demarcus followed our playbook to a T and so far, has retained 1 client/day since launching his Facebook ads at the end of February. His current ROI? 700%, projected to be 1000% by the end of this quarter. When asked what he would say to a lawyer on the fence about joining, he said, “Two things: do you want an easier life and do you want more profit?” If you answered yes to either of those questions, book a call with an Advisor today!


Join us this Thursday 5/16 and Friday 5/17 @ 1pm ET for a 2-part series on building and leading high-performance legal teams!

Hosted by Whitney Dellafosse, Jason Plotkin, and Garrett LaBorde inside Lawyer Club!

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If you’ve been in the law firm business a little while, you know it’s CRUCIAL to qualify your leads. But some of you are just starting out or starting to take the process of growing your law firm more seriously. 

While an influx of leads is usually cause for celebration, many times only a small percentage of those leads are qualified leads. If you’re not taking the time to qualify your leads, you’re creating a lot more work for yourself and wasting valuable time and energy…

In less than 5 minutes, you’ll learn the skill to effectively qualify your leads, plus save time and money. Watch the video here!


Your days of scouring the internet to find Al Tools to use in your law firm are over. 

*MLA’s comprehensive catalog of Al Tools for Lawyers enters the chat*


  • Ivo – Reduce the time, effort, and cost of negotiating agreements with the leader in AI contract review.
  • eBrevia Extract key provisions and data points from thousands of documents in minutes.
  • Kira Machine learning contract analysis to realize new revenue streams and deepen client relationships.


In this course, Sam reveals his ultimate guide to scalable client generation for law firms that has him signing up 700 clients/month, to include his UGC Video Script ChatGPT AI Agent, how to automate lead screening with qualification questions, and Facebook lead forms meets CRM set up to make things as easy as humanly possible.  

This course is just one of many invaluable resources available completely for free inside our premier community of forward-thinking lawyers, called Lawyer Club. Inside, we host regular workshops and roundtables, plus stimulate conversation around how the legal landscape is changing so that together, we can claim our seat at the table of success.