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GET WHAT YOU GIVE. In the dawn of the age of AI, your attention is likely more focused on how to swap the efficiency of technology for the drawbacks of human-implementation. But we’re not quite to the point of widespread replacement of humans… Yet. Perhaps, this isn’t such a bad thing! It forces us to hold on to our humanity in a way that is beneficial for us all: a mindset of abundance and generosity always comes back tenfold. That’s why investing in your team is always going to be a high-ROI strategy for your firm. When your team feels set up for success, with the information and tools they need to do the job right, and they feel like a valued part of your mission, it’s amazing the kind of reciprocity that can happen.

BREACH ME. There are a number of simple, albeit minorly inconvenient, ways to protect your law firm from a data breach, a trend which has exploded in the legal world over the last year. You can reduce your risk of a data breach by 99.9% just from the implementation of Multi-Factor Authentication (getting a code texted to your phone or sent via email). Another strategy to protect yourself? Educate your team on how to identify and avoid threats. The cost of an annual cybersecurity training for your team is miniscule compared to what a data breach would cost you. Proactivity is the name of the game.


Something exciting is on the horizon…

An announcement’s abrew,
Not between me and you.
Get ready for blastoff,
Your success has come due…
A voice, well-heard, stirs,
Where law, tech, and growth converge—
Whose echoes return?


To continue driving home the above point on how to protect your law firm, this week’s featured video dives into the mistakes every lawyer should avoid from hiring VAs to setting up paid ads.

In this 30 minute video, you’ll get to participate in Sam’s live walk-through as if you’re there in real-time. Watch it here now!


Your days of scouring the internet to find Al Tools to use in your law firm are over. 

*MLA’s comprehensive catalog of Al Tools for Lawyers enters the chat*


  • Robin AIDraft and review contracts with the support of an AI assistant. Watch demo.
  • AI Lawyer – Tap into tailored legal prompts and streamline your research with specialized AI.
  • LawDroid Research legal issues, compose emails and summarize documents with this AI legal assistant.


Our Time-Blocking for Lawyers workshop happened live only a few weeks ago, but we’re bringing it back to the forefront of your attention for a few reasons: 

  1. Time-blocking is a strategy designed to help you focus on ONE thing at a time for a specific amount of time, which is scientifically proven to be far more productive than dispersing your attention and energy across multiple projects at once and expecting them all to improve at the same levels and rate.
  2. Planning out your workflow using timeblocks increases the likelihood you will not only perform the tasks you’ve set aside the time for, but will also boost your ability to get sh*t done (GSD) by 2-3X.
  3. When you practice time-blocking, you’re not just trying to use your time and energy more wisely, more often.. You’re trying to make maximal productivity second-nature, a concept called “Automaticity.”

The more efficient you are with your time and energy to GSD, the more time and energy you’ll have to give your family, friends, or simply to enjoy life. Here at My Legal Academy, that’s what we’re all about! 

To access the training and join our community of growth-minded, freedom-pursuers, meet us in Lawyer Club.