EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENTS. Did you solve last week’s riddle? Below, you’ll uncover the answer, plus find out about all the exciting happenings this month! From unveiling an exciting surprise to Ambassador highlights and Lawyer Club in-person meetups, June is full of opportunities to gain traction toward your dreams of achieving a more balanced, fulfilled lifestyle. See the Lawyer Club calendar for all workshops (Fridays) and to add them to your calendar so you don’t forget. If you haven’t joined us yet, sign up using this link!

WRITE A BOOK. Look, we know marketing isn’t everyone’s forté… But, if you seek to grow your influence, whether or not as a means to grow your business, you need to get in the arena and make yourself visible. Writing a book, undoubtedly a milestone worth celebrating, also functions as a business card for your career. It’s a place to air out your experience and expertise that may be highly valued by your peers, not to mention an accomplishment you can tout. It is both an art and an exercise in overcoming limiting beliefs. If you need some inspiration, check out how this divorce lawyer grew his practice by writing a book.

USE YOUR CRM. It’s easy to blame different applications for not delivering the results that we want. What’s a harder pill to swallow is admitting that we didn’t do our part in adopting and implementing it to ensure its success. Simply paying for a CRM doesn’t get you results; the data and time only you can put into it is what does. Like Sam has said many times before, “The best CRM is the one you implement.” Luckily for you, CRM is about to become even easier as we settle into the era of AI. Read about the advancements coming and see why you should prioritize implementing and streamlining your CRM to grow your law firm.



Created by Neil Tyra and now powered by My Legal Academy, one of the top podcasts for lawyers has relaunched with your new host, Sam Mollaei, Esq. 

But don’t worry, Neil isn’t going anywhere – he will be your occasional guest host as we relaunch The Law Entrepreneur as a collaborative platform and to continue his legacy as a leader in the tech, legal, and entrepreneurship space. 

Episode 401 drops this Friday, June 1st! Listen anywhere you get your podcasts.


We hear time and time again from our members that our community is in the top 3 for biggest value adds to their lives and practices.

Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey, but when you’re doing it alongside like-minded peers working towards the same goals, it feels a lot less so. 

If you’re more of an in-real-life-community person, get ready to cash in on the opportunity to make connections with other lawyers in 5 cities across the U.S. this month! 

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There’s an art and a science to setting up effective high ROI Facebook ads to grow your law firm… And in this week’s video, Sam talks strategies and insights to boost your Facebook ads performance. 

Plus, be a fly on the wall to how he would investigate competitors’ ad performance and strategize marketing campaigns. 

Watch the video here!


Your days of scouring the internet to find Al Tools to use in your law firm are over. 

*MLA's comprehensive catalog of Al Tools for Lawyers enters the chat*

                                                  TOP 3 PICKS OF THE WEEK

  • – Enhance discovery and contract review processes with advanced AI solutions.
  • Harvey Harness the power of generative AI for cutting-edge legal solutions, tailored for elite firms. (Note: product still in development)
  • TimeSolv Legal time tracking solution incorporating AI features for anomaly detection, optimized billing rates, and automated invoice generation.


In this week’s free course, unlock the secrets to turning leads into clients with proven, top-tier strategies for everything from CRM to call tracking. Get the tools Sam has directly utilized in his law firms, plus free templates and resources!

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