RECAP. THANK YOU to everyone who attended MLA Ambassador Mike Smith’s Time Blocking Workshop: A Daily Habit to Create the Life You Want last Friday! We received lots of requests for the recording, which you can almost always count on viewing inside our Lawyer Club community! It’s completely free to join – no strings attached.


MASSIVE MEMBER WIN. Shoutout to Demarcus Ward, Esq., Personal Injury Attorney for his recent success in implementing and optimizing his firm’s Facebook ads under the guidance of My Legal Academy’s Grow Track program. Demarcus joined Grow Track in November of 2023. As of March, he retained 5 cases with a total ad spend of $1700 with 32 total leads at $53 cost per lead. As of April 11th 2024, he has retained 33 cases. Congratulations Demarcus!


RELATIONSHIPS = SUCCESS. Perhaps you’ve heard that the quality of your relationships determine the quality of your life. It likely comes as no surprise the quality of your partnerships and team relationships determine the success of your entrepreneurial enterprise. Master CMO Yaniv Masjedi of Nextiva shares his top 5 secrets to achieving and enjoying rapid company growth. Click here for his tips on how to cut out the noise and scale your company with the right attitude and people.


You probably know by now it’s never been easier to start a law firm… Or harder to grow one. So much of the scaling game has to do with knowing where to invest your energy, how much, with what strategies, and by what end game.

Step 1: Identify what’s working.
Step 2: Double down on it. 
Step 3: You have to spend money to make money. 

Most people quit at Step 3. If only they knew it is THE step to catapult their success… But, you’ll be different, right?

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Your days of scouring the internet to find AI Tools to use in your law firm are over.
*MLA’s comprehensive catalog of AI Tools for Lawyers enters the chat*



  • Filevine Demands AI – Prepare demand letters quickly and accurately with seamless integration.

  • Lexis+ AI – Traditional legal research giants increasingly integrating AI functionalities through conversational search, drafting, summarization, and upload tools.

  • Atla AI – Quickly find the answers you need within legal documents and ask clarifying questions with AI support.

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If you are not using Zapier to manage your law firm’s backend automations… You need to take this free Zapier Training for Lawyers course STAT. It is THE most basic, foundational tech tool you need to start scaling your law firm.

And, to refer to the Video of the Week above, let’s not make growing your law firm any harder than it already is. Start this free course today!