What They Didn't Teach
Us About Running a
Business in Law School

Sam Mollaei
Neil Tyra

Where Law & Entrepreneurship Meet

Do you ever feel like what you learned in law school didn’t prepare you for the world of running a law practice? Law school didn’t teach us how to start our practices the right way so we could scale them into a thriving business. We didn’t learn how to make sure that our businesses would meet our financial goals and provide the type of lifestyle we deserve. After ten years, I was fed up with struggling in my practice and decided to begin a journey to scaling a successful practice that would actually allow me to finally live the life I’ve always dreamed of. I invite you to listen in on the conversations I’m having with some of the most successful solo and small firm practitioners¬† along with leading business entrepreneurs and share how I am implementing what I am learning. All with the goal of helping you take control of your practice, and your life. This is The Law Entrepreneur.