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In the next episode of The Law Entrepreneur, dropping this Friday, June 14th everywhere you get your podcasts, Sam and Neil discuss how artificial intelligence is turning the legal landscape on its head, plus tips on how legal professionals can both overcome challenges and seize  opportunities.  

Some key takeaways…

  • Understanding Moore’s Law so you can plan for AI integration in your legal practice
  •  How Ray Kurzweil’s Law of Accelerating Returns to predict and capitalize on AI advancements
  • Why leveraging high-quality data gives your firm a competitive edge

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This month’s Ambassador Corner features Estate Planning and “Bucket List Attorney,” Marty Elberg, who writes about prioritizing self-care as a way to spread happiness. 

We know “self-care” gets a lot of chatter these days, perhaps eye-rolling-ly so, but consider this:

Airline attendants advise you to secure your oxygen mask before attempting to help others…. 

When you’re depleted of essential fill-in-the-blank human needs (oxygen, nutrition, exercise, time in nature and with loved ones), you are not in a position to be at your best, as a person or professional. 

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This Friday, June 14th @ 1pm ET, Lawyer and the Head of Legal Innovation for Gavel Brittany Hernandez will take you step-by-step through the why, how, and where to start when beginning document automation for lawyers. 

Attending this workshop will ensure you can start saving precious time and money with automation immediately!

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On Friday, June 21st @ 1pm ET, join us for an insightful workshop hosted by Lawyer and Ambassador Mike Smith, where you’ll learn how to leverage Zapier to significantly boost your show-up rate for client meetings and consultations. 

You will discover practical automation techniques that:

  • Streamline your scheduling processes
  • Send timely reminders
  • Ensure your clients never miss an appointment

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  • Descript – Powerful audio/video editing with integrated transcription for content manipulation.
  • Trint Specializes in transcription with collaborative editing features.
  • LexCheck Review contracts faster, with higher accuracy, and less risk with intelligent AI assistance.


Perhaps you’ve noticed social media is a powerful tool to promote your business… 

In this free Lawyer Club course, you’ll come to understand YouTube as the rental property of our generation and why you should be investing in creating content as a long-term play in scaling your law firm. 

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